Meet Temo, Assistant Executive Chef

Jobs and Careers at Serrano's Mexican Restaurants - Meet Assistant Executive Chef

Meet Temo, our Assistant Executive Chef here at Serrano’s Mexican Restaurants!

🌶 How long have you worked for Serrano’s?

31 years – I started as a line cook!

🌶 Favorite Serrano’s food:

Aside from our delicious rice and beans, I’m proud of T’s Crazy Good Hot Sauce, which I created at the request of our customers who wanted a hotter hot sauce by combining a special mix of chiles to get both flavor and more spice!

🌶 Best part of job:

I enjoy helping out and training our team members. If I see that they need help with something, I use my years of experience to figure it out with them. I like to say, “We have no problems, we only have solutions!”

🌶 Why should others consider a job at Serrano’s?

Because it’s a family owned business and not just another corporation. I’ve worked for the Serranos for 30 years because they treat me like family.